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Workforce 3.0

Workforce 3.0 (WF3) represents a paradigm shift in how PEO DHMS achieves success in middle- and back-office operations. Rather than focusing on the quantity of labor, WF3 leaves the offeror responsible for mission outcomes and incentivizes best practices. new processes, methods, and/or best-in-class methodologies from private sector to enable the entire PEO DHMS workforce to deliver world-class technology.

Submitted by Matthew HudsonApril 22, 2021

Workplace 3.0

Workplace 3.0 is a managed solution to cover the full breadth of digital workplace capabilities including document management, software lifecycle management, virtual comms, robotic process automation, physical workspaces, and other enabling areas. The overarching outcome is to ensure the PEO DHMS workforce has the same workplace experience they require to succeed at leading commercial technology firms.

Submitted by Community AdminMay 19, 2021


The DevMAC initiative is Intended to maintain a base (multiple awardees) of industry partners that can bring cutting edge software development, UI/UX, and human-centered design skills. DevMAC will support a complex ecosystem of health technology and will be utilized to rapidly respond to calls for new capabilities by programs within the PEO DHMS portfolio.

Submitted by Community AdminMay 20, 2021


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