I really appreciate all of the engagement in the HIVE!

I thought it would be helpful to provide an overview of our portfolio. For those that may not know, the PEO includes programs in DHMSM, JOMIS, DMIX and EIDS -- capability delivery via multiple channels ranging from the modern, commercial EHR to operational medicine applications to data platform and analytics solutions. The PEO also works closely with VA and the new Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization office - the FEHRM - to implement a single, common federal electronic health record (EHR) that enhances patient care and provider effectiveness.

As I reflect on the last year and look forward to the next, I am excited about capabilities we are bringing to the mission. The recent Operational Medicine IT Stakeholders Summit provided a better understanding of the OpMED community's needs and priorities -- setting the stage for a data-centric approach to the continuum of care. We worked with the VA and FEHRM to launch the joint HIE and will continue to expand private partnerships, and our EIDS team expanded the MHS information portal to connect disparate data sources to provide decision support for clinical and MHS operations. MHS GENESIS continues to serve as a foundation for enterprise transformation as we deploy to more sites, with twelve waves "in flight" by 3QFY21.

Throughout the entire portfolio we supported the MHS COVID pandemic operations, and will continue to adapt and respond to emerging demands in FY21.

As we bid a fond farewell to our esteemed DHMSM program manager, I know that the team is strong and will continue executing delivery of new capabilities and implementation of MHS GENESIS.

Moving into 2021, I don't imagine we will be slowing down ...if anything we will pick up the speed. The demand for data and applications continues to grow and we need to be postured to respond at "the speed of relevance."

Looking forward to ongoing partnerships!

Holly Joers
Acting Program Executive Officer
Defense Healthcare Management Systems

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