Hi, I'm David Norley, Program Manager of Joint Operational Medicine Information Systems (JOMIS).

On behalf of JOMIS, I am excited about the engagement opportunities in the HIVE! The JOMIS program provides interoperable medical information technology capabilities to deployed personnel across the full spectrum of military operations. Our mission includes maintaining an existing suite of systems known as the Theater Medical Information Program-Joint (TMIP-J) and developing new capabilities across five interrelated functional areas: health care delivery, medical situational awareness, medical command and control, patient movement, and medical logistics.

We work closely with the functional community, led by the Operational Medicine Functional Champion (OMFC) and Operational Medicine IT Steering Committee, to ensure that our efforts align to their prioritized requirements.

Over the last year, we’ve transformed ourselves into an Agile program, built around user-centric solutions developed with a continuous feedback loop from the user community and continuous product delivery cycles to meet evolving mission needs. JOMIS deployed MedCOP – a joint interactive decision-support platform that provides command surgeons and medical commanders with real-time health surveillance and medical operations visibility –in 2020 as its first new capability fully developed using Agile methodologies. MedCOP has also helped support the DoD’s COVID-19 response by providing increased visibility of unit-level health, equipment, and supplies, one of a number of ways JOMIS supported the DoD’s pandemic operations. Feedback from the OpMed community on MedCOP has been overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to deploying other new capabilities planned for the near future with similar success. We have a strong team here at JOMIS and our program will continue to adapt and respond to emerging needs to provide the best medical information technology across the full spectrum of military operations. I look forward to our upcoming engagements with industry!