We're Buzzing with Excitement! I’ve barely slept a wink over the past two days as my mind continues to swirl on how this could fundamentally change the way our business is conducted. HIVE is the first step in our digital transformation and we look forward to partnering with you on our journey!

The Health Information Vision Exchange (HIVE) is a digital platform for connecting industry with Government in a streamlined, modernized, and often informal manner. You’re seeing this post on our HIVE-Mobilize platform, the “Community” part of the yet-to-be-deployed full platform. Today I’ll highlight some of the key features and would love to hear your feedback on what we can do better to facilitate impactful connections.

The Pollination Platform. 2020 has brought a lot of restrictions in how we engage in partnerships. Gone are the days of bumping into counterparts in the hallways or grabbing coffee to talk shop. Our HIVE community platform is intended to replicate, as best as possible, the informal conversations that ultimately lead to innovative ideas. You will see us actively promote and encourage vendor partnerships to form stronger teams better aligned to the needs of our HIVE government customers.

With a Full Dose of Vitamin BEE. HIVE is supercharging the way government engages on with industry. Our Industry Days should not be stale presentations run atop User Interfaces from the 80’s. We are inspired by the great work of our commercial counterparts and seek to replicate their best practices. I am excited to see all of you participate in this Community Forum, our upcoming Town Halls and Fireside Chats, and in the innovative vendor-push and government-pull marketplace models we will be deploying.

Let’s Make Some Honey, But Easy on the Sell! HIVE is first-and-foremost an information exchange. That means we seek to foster engagement centered around how to best improve Federal Health initiatives. HIVE is NOT intended to be a bulletin board for business development and capability statements. While such information is appropriate given the right context, we will be monitoring to ensure that our community remains anchored around collaborative ideas and organic partnerships.

We’re Part of a Great Colony. PEO DHMS and Workforce 3.0 are the first to engage through HIVE. As we continue deploying new features and onboarding additional agencies, HIVE will expand to provide coverage across multiple Federal Health agencies. Check back on HIVE for more information regarding our upcoming partnerships!

Don’t BEE Afraid. HIVE is intended to provide an inclusive environment for sharing ideas. We hope that you will participate not only as an onlooker but as a driver of conversation. For the time being, we’ve even added Anonymous accounts to allow judgement-free participation for our users. Please, don’t hesitate to start interesting conversation or even just to say Hello!

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