Innovating Federal Health IT

HIVE fosters open communication through modern channels to pursue the best healthcare outcomes for service members, veterans, and their families.


What Is HIVE?

Health Information Vision Exchange (HIVE) is a modern online communication medium to allow PEO DHMS and its partners to build a stronger Federal Health community with the aim of achieving high quality solutions and outcomes.

Grow The Buzz

News & Events brings forth pertinent information to HIVE users. Conversations around articles, government blog posts, and upcoming events allow for consistent communication amongst the community.

Grow The Hive

Opportunities bring a specific connection point for our community. Find RFPs and RFIs. Submit your ideas for consideration.

Share Your Vision

Have an Idea? Want to post news, events, or a blog post? Submit your content and ideas through our online forms.We go through each idea, and ensure they get to the right Government Partner.

Engage The Market

The community is the cornerstone of HIVE. Join the conversation around HIVE, opportunities, news, and events.


Streamlining Federal Health IT

Bridging the gap between Federal Health IT organizations is key to bringing together the entire community and providing the best solutions for Federal Healthcare. HIVE works with government partners across the Federal landscape.

Check out the members of our hive!

Meet Our Bee Hive!

Cori Hughes
Director, Program Integration
James A. Perkins
Acting Deputy Program Manager
Sandy McIntyre
Deputy Program Manager
LCDR Darshan Thota
Elaine Reed
Supervisory Contract Specialist
Ken Johns
Chief Technology Officer
David Sohl
Chief of Business Operations
Matt Hudson
Chief, CD-DHMS
Terry Rowles
APM Contact Tracing
Chris Nichols
Program Manager – EIDS PMO
Holly Joers
Program Executive Officer
Roy Smith
Contracting Officer
Christopher (Chris) Metz
Cost Analysis Lead
Tina Beletsky
Director, Business Operations
Ken Slaughter
Program Manager
Diane K. Struck
Clinical Informatics Officer
Sonya Edom
DHMSM Contracts Lead
Cheryl Harper-Parham
Chief, Administration and Facilities Operations
Alexander Holston
Lance E. Scott
FEHRM Solutions Integration Director


We Want To Hear From You!

  • Be in the know with the latest news, opportunities, and upcoming events
  • Ask questions directly to government partners
  • Discuss articles, posts, and more
  • Talk, team, and ideate with industry partners
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